Getting off the emotional rollercoaster

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What’s your biggest enemy in life or business? What stops you from taking action on your biggest dreams? Is it the dreaded overwhelm? Perhaps it’s procrastination, imposter syndrome, self-doubt or a lack of confidence?

You might experience one or several of these. I know I’ve been through them all many times and need to keep them at bay ongoing.

In life, feeling on top of things and knowing things are working out, kind of comes and goes. Let’s face it, life is full of challenges both expected and unexpected. Many of the people you see and read about, who look like they’ve really got their shit together, have spent years building to that point, though they don’t always show you the struggles.

So there’s emotional ups and downs that are inevitable. Your job is to learn how to manage those ups and down for yourself, so you don’t stay down for too long.

If you get stuck on the emotional roller coaster it will make you inconsistent, unreliable and unproductive in your efforts toward living a better life or growing your business.

​I work with most of my clients on this and I want to share it with you today. The number one thing that will change your life and business forever is learning to manage your emotional state. When you feel good, you will naturally take more action. ​

Here are 2 easy ways to come back to feeling good anywhere, anytime.

#1 Add an F

Yes you can use the F to swear if you want, but once you’re done with that, try this:

Feeling SHIT… add an F = SHIFT your FOCUS

Just think about something else! Catch your unhelpful thoughts and shift into thinking about something better. Think about something that excites you or inspires you. If you can’t get a grip on your thoughts and keep looping in negativity, read a book, blog or listen to a podcast from someone you admire. Try some comedy to break the pattern or call up a friend and talk about what’s going on for them. 

If you get stuck, go to gratitude. Thinking about something or someone you are grateful for instantly changes your emotional state. It’s the easiest and most powerful way to get positivity back into your day and perspective on your situation. Right now, what’s one thing you are so incredibly grateful for in your life? 

#2 Move your Body 

This has to be the simplest way to change how you feel at any moment. Try it now: stand up, lift your chest, look up and put a big smile on your face (even if you have to force it). You can’t stay miserable for long when you stand like this. Be careful, you might start to feel confident too.

Get your energy flowing by going for a walk, dancing in your office, working out or simply strike a power pose (think superhero). Whatever you like to do, make it fun and easy for yourself.

Go a step further and incorporate these movements into your day, every day. Why wait until you feel like poop? Give yourself the best chance to maintain feeling good with regular physical activities to boost your energy and mood. 

You’ve already got the tools inside of you to manage your emotions, you simply need to start using them. Practice them by becoming more and more aware when you begin to slide into negativity or unresourceful emotional states. Practice catching those moments and making a different choice by using one of the two methods above.

If you’re resisting this idea because it’s too simple and your situation is too complicated, I urge you to try it out just a few times. You’ve got nothing to lose except your bad mood 🙂

​Meet Melissa Kay 

A mother, lover of life, personal growth, and good coffee, Melissa has a passion for inspiring and helping others to dream big and take action. She owns and runs Out with the Ordinary Retreats and Melissa Kay Coaching where she focuses on empowerment and lasting transformation, so her clients can create a life and business they truly love. 

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