The Simple Way To Stop Doubting and Feel More Confident Now

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Is a lack of confidence holding you back or stopping you from taking action on your dreams? I know it’s stopped me in my tracks plenty of times.

But you know what? Confidence is nothing more than a feeling of certainty that you create within yourself. That’s right, YOU create it. 

Many people think that it’s a trait. It’s something you either have or don’t have. That idea is so misleading and leaves you feeling helpless. But the successful people of the world know better.

They are not free from doubt or uncertainty, they simply know how to take charge of themselves and change those feelings into more resourceful ones.

Being confident is nothing more than believing in yourself and trusting that you can handle the outcome of whatever happens. 

If there’s something you want in your life but you’ve been too afraid to go for it, here are a few simple ways you can boost your confidence right now. Don’t wait for someday when it might feel better, or go without because you believe you’re just not confident enough to take action. Up your confidence right now and get started.

​#1 Understand and feel confident already with focus

Remembering that confidence is something you create will shift your perspective and instantly put the power back in your hands. You CAN do something about it!

Confidence is a feeling that you already know, and it lives inside of you when you think of areas of your life in which you excel. What are you great at? Where do you show up as your best? What do you feel completely competent and confident about? Answer these questions and tap into the feeling you get when you focus on those things. There you go, you just created the feeling of confidence inside yourself.

#2 Create confidence by using your body

Describe a confident person. How do they walk, talk, breathe, speak? If you can describe them it’s because you already know how you need to move your body if you want to feel confident. 

When you are in an unresourceful or negative state, you will likely hunch over, drop your eyes, and forget to breathe properly.

You can create different feelings in your body by changing how you move. If you want to feel confident, move like you would if you did.

#3 Visualize the outcome you want

Instead of asking “what if it doesn’t work out?” and thinking about everything that could go wrong, imagine the outcome you really want. Visualizing yourself doing that thing or achieving that goal is like a practice run for your success. See it and feel it working.

And what happens when you practice something over and over? You get better at it. When you visualise with emotion, your mind can’t tell if it’s happening in real life or not and so you’ll grow your confidence before you even take on the challenge for real. 

Building confidence may take a little time and persistence but with the right focus and energy, you can be certain that you can achieve whatever you set your mind and heart to. That’s the kind of confidence that will have you taking consistent action toward your big dreams and goal.

What are already confident about? I’d love to hear about it. 

​Meet Melissa Kay 

A mother, lover of life, personal growth, and good coffee, Melissa has a passion for inspiring and helping others to dream big and take action. She owns and runs Out with the Ordinary Retreats and Melissa Kay Coaching where she focuses on empowerment and lasting transformation, so her clients can create a life and business they truly love. 

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