The 3-step guide to turning exciting aspirations into concrete plans

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“I’m ready” she said, “This year I’m going to make it happen.”
“Make what happen?” I asked. 

“Everything” she said, “more money, grow my business, get healthier, improve my relationship. This is my year!”

“Ok then,” I said, “let’s get started.”
“Yes, great,” she said. 

We looked at each other for a moment as the reality set in and she realised she had no idea how to begin. The excitement was quickly replaced by uncertainty and overwhelm, the enthusiasm with the dread of change. 

Whilst it doesn’t normally happen in a single moment (I’m exaggerating for effect), it definitely does happen that big aspirations can quickly become disheartening if you don’t clearly break them down.

The changes you are looking to make in your life will be easier, the more specific you can be. Here are some of my favourite ways to take an exciting but vague idea such as ‘get fit or more money’ and turn them into action plans. 

Let’s face it, if she’d had an action plan, she’d know exactly where to begin.

#1 Ask good questions if you want good answers

Whatever questions you are putting your brain to work on, it will find answers for you. 

Questions such as ‘Why don’t I have enough clients? Why am I so fat? Why does this always happen to me?’ are the kind of questions that will give you crappy answers. 

When it comes to your new and exciting ideas for your life, be sure to ask great questions. ‘How many ideal clients would I love to work with each month? What would be a happy, healthy, ideal weight for me? How can I best turn this around? What is the lesson for me in this experience?’

Asking good questions will give you more clarity and the ability to set specific goals or targets. Knowing that you want to make $100k in your business this year is very different to just wanting more money. It allows you to begin to make a plan.

#2 Know what lights you up

Start getting specific about your goals and check-in with each one to make sure it’s something that feels good. Goals that are out of alignment with who you want to be or how you want to live your life are incredibly difficult to follow through on.

So the idea of ‘making more money’ becomes a specific income goal or a certain number of clients that will help you bring in that amount. If your top value is family time but your new goal will require 60 hours a week of your time, it’s not a good match. So know your values first.

You might need a different goal or just a different strategy to achieve your goal. 

#3 Brainstorm the crap out of it

Now comes the fun part. Sadly, many people skip this part and then wonder why they feel stuck on their goals, with no real idea on how to make them happen.

Brainstorming your action steps is no more complex than grabbing a piece of paper and a pen and writing down any and all ideas that pop into your head. I love to use my big whiteboard for this and stay on my feet so my energy and creativity are flowing.

Set aside a solid block of time, go nuts with ideas, nothing is too crazy. Afterward you will come back with a more realistic mind and choose the options that look, sound and feel the best. 

After a brainstorming session you will have no shortage of action steps to take. You can put them in order and get started. Will all of them pan out? Perhaps not, but any action is better than no action at all as it creates momentum, and momentum brings results and new ideas.

You can speed up the brainstorming process by working with a coach or mentor who has already achieved what you want to achieve. They know the steps to take and will be able to guide you in a way that works for you.

“Let’s break it down” I said, “what are you really aiming for here?”

And so it begins. Get clarity and be specific about your goals. Make sure your goals are in alignment with your values. Brainstorm your ideas and come up with an action plan that allows you to get started today.

Good luck on your big aspirations!

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