Project Out with the Ordinary

We don't create retreats for you to escape life, we create retreats so life doesn't escape you.

Our Mission

To create retreats and programs that support women to take back their power, to rediscover their strength of heart, mind and soul, and embark on the courageous journey back to joy and fulfilment. 

To design and offer immersive experiences in a fun, exciting environments that creates magic life moments, breakthroughs and momentum.

Our Philosophy

 We don’t wait for life and growth experiences to happen to us, we seek out the magic life moments that propel us forward.

We don’t just talk about change, we experience and embody it.

We don’t need pain and adversity to create an internal shift in our lives. We choose to create shifts and momentum by engaging in life, through fun and adventure.

  The greatest breakthrough opportunities come through full immersion experiences in environments that  are simultaneously challenging and supportive.

With the world as our playground, we create memories of a lifetime. 

To live a full life, you must challenge yourself.

 To create change in your life, you must change.

To live a joyful, fulfilling life, you must prioritise yourself. 

 Investing in yourself brings incredible ROI in all areas of your life (and business).

Every woman has the capacity for joy and fulfilment when she stops suppressing it.  

Melissa Kay, Founder & CEO

Melissa Kay Schulz is founder and CEO at Out with the Ordinary. She coaches women to lasting transformation and empowerment, and she’s a practitioner of several healing/helping modalities.
Melissa’s work has impacted the lives of hundreds of people worldwide through her multi-day, full-immersion workshops. She continues to help women upgrade their lives and businesses via her various coaching programs, online courses and unique retreat experiences.
Melissa is co-author on the #1 Amazon International bestseller 'Change Makers' series, and host of her online space Australian Women in Business. 

When she’s not coaching or teaching, Melissa loves to travel the world, dance Salsa with friends and go scuba diving. Melissa lives in Far North Queensland, Australia, with her two gorgeous children.

Melissa on a Mission

On a mission to empower others in life and business, I’m beyond excited to be launching this project in 2021, that will help many more women realise their strengths, feel confident and capable to get out there to be seen and heard, and forge their own path.

Through writing, coaching and multi-day immersion retreats and programs, the bottom line is, I want to help you come alive!